Pre-Acoustic Testing

All residential and commercial schemes:
  • Acoustic Testing is carried out to determine the reduction of sound through partition wall and floors of neighbouring properties.
  • Building Regulations Part E for ROI and England and Part G for NI have set out minimum reductions for both airborne and impact sound through floor and wall partitions that indicate that the sound reduction is to an adequate level for the desired building use.
  • In 2012 changes to the Building Regulations introduced the need for Pre-Completion Acoustic Testing on Semi-detatched dwellings and apartments.
  • Atbec Ltd are UKAS accredited as required in the building regulations to carryout Pre- Completion Acoustic Testing in dwellings and to BB93 in Educational Buildings.
  • We can also provide design guidance which can help to provide cost effective and practical solutions on site.

Building regs require that new attached homes are designed and constructed to provide reasonable resistance to the passage of sound unless homes are registered with Robust Details limited.


Accoustic Testing
  • All windows and external doors must be installed, glazed and closed.
  • All trickle vents or other ventilation systems should be installed and closed.
  • All internal doors should be hung.
  • All walls, floors, ceilings must be completed.
  • All skirting boards, electrical sockets and light switches should be fitted.
  • In order to test separating floors for impact sound transmission, there must be no cosmetic floor coverings in the rooms to be tested (timber, laminate, carpet, vinyl, ceramics).
  • Rooms tested must be empty and tidy
  • No trades should be working in dwellings
  • Access is required to properties on either side.

Acoustic Testing in Schools

Accoustic Testing
As well as Acoustic Testing for Residential and Commercial buildings, we can also test schools and other educational buildings to check if they meet requirements to BB93 (Building Bulletin93)
  • Compliance with BB93 must be demonstrated by a test schedule undertaken by acoustic professionals.
  • BB93 governs the acoustic requirements for schools which ranges from the minimum requirements for sound insulation, internal ambient noise levels and reverberation times of teaching areas.
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