Air Tightness Testing
Air Leakage testing or Air Tightness Testing is the process of measuring the amount of conditioned (heated or cooled) air leaking from a building through uncontrolled ventilation.

A fan is installed into the external envelope of the building and supply's air into or extracts air out of the property which creates a pressure difference.

The tester uses calibrated equipment and calculates and air flow into or out of the property.

In simple terms, the amount of air going into or out of the property when the building is subject to a pressure differential is the amount of "Air Leakage". The result can be described as the Air Permeability.


Why choose atbec
  • Must provide working drawings (CAD format) of Site and floor plan, sections and elevations.
  • All windows and external doors must be dry, installed, glazed and closed.
  • Mechanical ventilation systems will need to be temporarily sealed during the test.
  • Passive ventilation systems like trickle vents will need to be closed.
  • All walls, floors and ceilings must be completed.
  • All skirting boards, electrical sockets and light switches, kitchen units and bathroom suites must be fitted.
  • Units should be empty and tidy.
  • Loft hatches/eaves and cupboards should be fitted and draft stripped.
  • Mastic sealant should be completed to door frames, windows, skirting and services penetrating the fabric of the building.
  • Drainage traps should be filled with water.
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