Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing
A room or enclosure where a fire suppression system has been installed will require a RIT to be carried out once a year.

This test will confirm if the room or enclosure is properly sealed allowing the suppression gas agent to extinguish any potential fire successfully.

Atbec perform in strict accordance with NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520 methodologies.

How to Prepare

Room Integrity Testing
  • Seal all cracks or penetrations leading into or out of the enclosure
  • Seal all pipe chases and cable trays where they penetrate the perimeter boundaries of the enclosure
  • Caulk around inside perimeter at the floor and ceiling junctions
  • Seal porous blockwork walls. This can be remedied by painting the ensuring the mortar joints are full
  • The addition of door seals/drop seals as well as weather stripping around jambs
  • Sealing of windows within the room envelope
  • Ensure that air conditioning vents/dampers are closing properly
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