Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging
A thermal imaging survey of a building fabric identifies the location of air leaks and shows thermal insulation defects. It is carried out with a thermal imaging camera and can spot any hot or cold spots in an image. It is now used a lot more within the building industry so it is ideal for detecting damp, thermal bridging, heat loss and air leaks. It can also be great for detecting any poor insulation and or inefficient heating systems.


Thermal Imaging
  • Quick and non-disruptive
  • Results easily shown in pictures
  • Show compliance with spec
  • Resolve arguments with sub-contractors as to where faults are
  • Can be used to show the effectiveness of heating and cooling controls
  • The thermal image makes it easy to see where insulation is missing or air leaking in or our if a building fails such as thermal bridges and damp penetration
Built by: Bann Computing
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